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Chronological Bible Study - Reading The Bible As A Family Has Many Benefits

Can you recall the last time that your entire household spent time together reading the Bible? The fact of the matter is that reading the Bible together is not a common activity amongst families. Don't fret if you are among the majority who don't do this. But I urge you to take into consideration a few of the benefits below before writing it off.

I think that most people would agree that our current generation especially suffers from being too occupied. Chronological Bible reading plan So trying to make time to read the Bible or have quality family time can be rather difficult. But, maybe you could combine the two and create time for that. It might seem hard to do, but by scheduling just half an hour to forty-five minutes a week or every other week would do the trick. Just think of all the time you and your loved ones spend sitting in front of the television or a computer screen at home. Couldn't you spare a bit of that time to spend quality time together with your family that would help you learn and grow together? This activity could affect your relationship in a very positive way and has many other benefits as well.

It's no secret that teenagers and young adults face many temptations and often stray from the Lord during those years. But when they have a solid foundation and understanding of the Bible, those scriptures will be seeds that have already been sewn into them. Even during times of backsliding, they will be able to remember the relationship they had with God and the truth of His Word. As parents, you can help show your kids that it's an important priority in life to read the Bible and pray to keep a strong relationship with God and that He is there to forgive when we make mistakes. By spending time reading the Bible with them, you will help steer them in the right way toward making good decisions.

There's no better way for them to become familiar with the Word of God than with their parents and siblings. It will become less difficult for your loved ones to talk about spiritual topics and can show your kids how the Bible is more than a book but part of our daily life.

Have you ever had a hard time having quality discussions with your kids or teenagers? By reading the same scriptures together, you will be able to chat about what was read and what the scriptures mean to them. Just think how much more stimulating the conversation would be. This activity might also help your kids feel more comfortable coming to you about different things that they are going through.

When it's a family event, it can help keep everybody more accountable to read the Bible. As a lot of us know, it can be difficult to remain consistent in reading the Bible when you're the only person encouraging yourself. But when you have scheduled that time with others regularly, it makes it much more fun to remain on track.

You might take this another step further and also include some time for prayer. Since you are all together already, everybody could share a prayer request and choose one of someone else's to pray for that evening. And then whenever you see those prayers come to pass it is going to be meaningful for the entire family. Just think of the bond that this will create and just how much your relationships are going to be strengthened.

Remember the long-term benefits; that way you will have a reason to stick with it if it becomes difficult to do or seems inconvenient. You might also find your kids resisting conversations about spiritual topics. If this is the case, stand firm until everyone has contributed to the conversation. This should get easier to do the longer that you stick with it, and you might just be surprised at how it transforms your family.

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Have Fun On Online Straight Web Slots and Three Reel Slots

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Different themes for online slots and three reel slots

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Three reel slots machine

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